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Aim for the Fences when Picking a Softball Bat

Last season your team went to the playoffs, and didn't do as well as you wanted to. This season you want to go all the way! It takes more than just your basic fielding skills and base running to get to the final dance, you need to keep up with the other teams hitting! If they have the newest bat on the market, broken in and ready to go, your aluminum bat just doesn't cut it. You need to step your game up and buy a new bat!.When it comes to choosing the best softball bat for the next big season, there are a few things that you might want to consider.

The new softball bats have so much technology pumped into them that they are more powerful after every swing. Technology is the biggest factor when trying to choose a new bat because it will give you the competitive edge that you need. Another factor to consider is the longevity of the bat. If you have a bat that is well broken in, you don't want it to break on you once you have it just the way you want it.Some of the new Demarini bats offer the half and half technology that fuses carbon composite and high performance aluminum together.

This creates amazing pop when the carbon composite flexes like a shaft on a golf club and the high performance aluminum takes over by delivering the power. The new Easton softball bats have a similar technology with the Stealth series. Both of these brands are great, but Demarini seems to set the standard with softball bats.

Another technology that is seen everywhere is the pure carbon composite bats. Every softball bat company seems to have their own variation of this but it is all essentially the same. The reason why this technology is preferred over others is because it does not dent, and produces bigger hits as it gets broken in. If you are looking to buy a new softball bat, I suggest a carbon composite bat.

It will last longer and give you the performance that you need to hit it over the fences!.Within the new carbon composite softball bat technology is Easton's CNT. This stands for Carbon Nanotube Technology. The nanotube technology has a smaller bead which makes it stronger and more flexible. This is a huge advantage when using a bat that has been well broken in and has no signs of breaking! A bat that lasts a while is more likely to produce more powerful hits.So if your team wants to not only make it to the championship, but dominate the other team, purchase a new softball bat with the latest technology to have that extra advantage!.

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.I am a college student that loves softball!.

By: Ben Hultstrand


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