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What You Need to Know About Rodeos

The perfect way to elate your spirits, the peculiar cowboys and cowgirls and their sturdy horses, their thrilling activities and the mind boggling music?the world of Rodeos is charismatic and bewitching in its own way. Initially Rodeos were associated with Texas only but now its events have spread their wings throughout the globe.A Short Brush with the Past.The history of Rodeos can be traced back to 1854 when San Antonio hosted the foremost Texas Agricultural Fair which turned out to be a massive success and thereby took place annually. Till 2003 the John and Henry Freeman Coliseum is known to have hosted the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.The Rodeos Distinct Proceedings.

The Rodeos has always been welcoming and a wonderful experience not just for the kids but for the entire family. The innumerable Rodeo events fill every heart with excitement and pleasure. Some of the staggering Rodeo events are Bull Riding, Tie Down Roping, Barrel Racing, Saddle Bronc Riding, Bare Back Riding, the whacky Calf Scramble and the Mutton Bustin' challenge etc. The crowd catching events like Xtreme Bulls requires the hardest hombres around (in men and bulls) and the top thirty bull riders to compete. Besides the live performances and dance lessons at the Billy Bud Dance Hall, the shows at the Community Stage, the Rock and Ride Roadhouse and the Ham on Rye Virtual Theatre have always invited lot of attention.

The Stock shows are of great significance in Rodeo proceedings. In this the animals are studied, adjudicated and rewarded and even auctioned. The month of June provides you the opportunity to see the ranch cowboys at their best.

The event is termed as the Cowboy Roundup USA in which the cowboys compete with each other sprinkling fun and enthusiasm throughout the place. The World's Greatest Horsemanship Competition is attended by multitude of people. It is the time when the cowboy and his horse parade their talents to score, win and of course enjoy.The Chuck Wagon Cooking is another exciting event. The Ranch rodeos teams prepare the best of the food and also present it.

What counts on the performance here is not just the delicious taste of the food but also how much your style is affiliated with the tradition and history. The ranch rodeos are basically team work that also competes at the events like-wild cow Milking, Calf Branding, Cattle Roping, Cattle Sorting and Saddle Bronc Riding etc.The Mesqite Championship that runs from April to September is also another pull. The location is the Amarillo National Center and the Amarillo Tri State Fairgrounds. The proceedings take place in the large Resistol Arena that is wonderfully decorated and its design specifically caters to the comfort of the audiences. The cowboy hangs for his life in the bull riding and the saddle bronc competitions.

The youth can experience the pleasure of the Calf Scramble which goes on contemporaneous with other events.Especially meant for the kids' amusement is the petting zoo where the children can have a close encounter with some of the gentler critters like a pony, rabbit, baby sheep and goat, calf etc. When it comes to food, the Sonny Bryan's BBQ Pavilion offers a delectable cuisine and the coveted opportunity to dine with the cowboys.There is much to shop here with exclusive discounts on certain traditional items and souvenirs. People also enjoy the purchasing from the vendors that come from within the US, Canada and Mexico.

However, this is just the tip of an iceberg, there us much more to the Rodeo exhilaration than one can ever imagine!.

.Mansi aggarwal writes about rodeos.

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By: Mansi Aggarwal


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What You Need to Know About Rodeos - The perfect way to elate your spirits, the peculiar cowboys and cowgirls and their sturdy horses, their thrilling activities and the mind boggling music?the world of Rodeos is charismatic and bewitching in its own way.

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