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Ness Notes Feb - There were three games last night in college basketball featuring top-25 opponents, with the visiting team winning all three.

Priceless Tips For Finding The Perfect Basketball Shoe - What basketball shoe you wear is a crucial part of your game, especially at the competitive level.

Golf the Legendary Courses on Your Scotland Golf Vacation - If you're planning a Scotland Golf Vacation, then make sure to at least book some of these legendary courses into your itenarary.

Your First Skydive Tandem Or Free Fall - It can be a bit nerve wracking to take on any new sport, but there is perhaps no athletic activity that intimidates beginners quite as much as skydiving.

AFL Power Poll Week - CURRENT) (TEAM) (W/L RECORD) (LAST WEEKS RANK) 1) Colorado Crush (2-0) (LW: 1) Neither of Colorado's first two wins of the season would be classified as dominating, but a win is a win and the defending champs sit atop the power poll for the third.

Billiards Cue Construction - In this article we'll focus on the last piece of billiard improvements which is the cue itself.

An Introduction to Kiteboarding - Kiteboarding - also known as kitesurfing or flysurfing is a relatively new sport that first gained popularity in the late 90's.

Carolina Vs - We're not sure if Carolina actually played a legitimate NFL team this past Sunday.

A Sports Angel - Are they in the dugout? The outfield? Standing on second base or perhaps holding up the goal post for that crucial final touchdown.

CFB Notebook Headed for Disaster - Now that the first BCS standings have been released and most of the nation's top teams have played six games, what do we know? EXACTLY what we knew before the season started, NOTHING.

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