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We're not sure if Carolina actually played a legitimate NFL team this past Sunday. The Vikings are pathetic this year. Everyone on the team is to blame.

The only thing we can hope for now is a decent pick in the draft. We're actually at a loss for words to explain how the Vikings could improve. We don't think there's much room for improvement with this group of underachievers.

The team suffered another blowout and this time it was at the hands of the Panthers.So what went wrong?.1) Fred Smoot talked a good game prior to playing the Panthers and attempting to cover wide receiver Steve Smith. Prior to game time, Smoot provided some trash talk against Smith. Smoot should have stayed home. Smoot couldn't cover the broad side of a barn on Sunday and Smith demolished the incompetent Smoot.

Steve Smith put up over 200 yards receiving against Smoot and made him look like an amateur. Smoot better refrain from trash talk in the future. I'm not even sure if he could cover a snail.

2) Duante Culpepper is injured. Culpepper suffered a knee injury early in the first half of Sunday's game. Culpepper will be out for the remainder of the year. We're not sure that the QB position will actually suffer in his absence. Brad Johnson an NFL veteran will replace Culpepper. Johnson won't be under pressure because he's not expected to perform at Culpepper's level (Which was terrible this year).

Johnson also inherits a terrible record from a terrible team.3) The rest of the team is inept. There isn't a bright spot on this team. Last week, Edinger kicked a 56 yard field goal. This week he was back to his regular form of missing chip shots.

The Offensive Line is atrocious. They seem unable to block and protect the Quarter Back. This has been a problem for a couple of seasons but things seem to be getting worse every game.4) Mike Tice is the most to blame. He runs the team and seems as if he hasn't prepared for his weekly games.

Tice seems to be overwhelmed by his opponents. Tice's team had a good week against the 1-6 Green bay Packers and then fell to the depths of inferiority this week. It seems the Vikings get worse every week. Just when you think that they've hit rock bottom, they find a way to amaze us by doing even worse.

This year has been an awful year as a fan. The Vikings have put an inferior product on the field and have even found a way to embarrass themselves off the field. Sunday's game was terrible and it looked like the Panthers weren't facing an NFL caliber team.

We think that a high school team would have done better on Sunday.Then only thing left for fans is to hope that the Vikings get a good draft pick and send Tice packing at the end of the season.

.Anthony B. is the founder and owner of a news, political and sports commentary website.

Anthony has over 7 years of experience as a business professional.

By: Anthony Bloch


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