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Chafing from Wet Undies makes you Walk Funny

If you are already a kayaking enthusiast or just doing some research and looking to enter the sport, it is important to purchase the right clothing and accessories to keep yourself safe and comfortable on the water! When in a kayak, it is a given that you will get wet occasionally either from a paddle splash or flipping over. The unfortunate part about capsizing is it can happen in any waters and surprise you when you quite suddenly. Because the cold can lead to hypothermia, it is important to stay warm after getting tipped over.

Clothing for kayak use should be loose and quick drying. Jackets should feel loose and comfortable, and they shouldn't restrict any torso movement when you sit down in your boat. Also choose roomy pants and shorts that don't bind when you sit in your kayak. There is some excellent technology on the market when it comes to synthetic materials that will dry quickly and keep you warmer and more comfortable than even most wool products.

For hot summer months, kayak clothes can be cotton, because once they're wet they stay that way and keep you cool. However for summer, try to avoid cotton underwear, as it tends to chafe. Most boaters find it better to wear a nylon swimsuit under their layers even when it is cooler.Kayaks are fun on many types of water but be prepared for temperatures to be cooler than on land, especially from wind on larger bodies of water.

Also pay close attention to the water temperature, as this is the most important consideration when you pick out your kayak clothes. In the springtime, lakes, rivers and bays can be an icy cold 40░, which is enough to rob you of your full strength in only a few minutes after immersion. Also, no matter what type of water sport you choose, make sure you have strong swimming skills as this will go a long way for peace of mind.

.By Terry Price- Remember to visit- - From helmets to paddles, kayak accessories are an important part of a paddlers life! http://www.

By: Terry Price


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