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Only A Hunter Knows

Oh hunting, some call it a sport and some prefer not to speak of it. Call it what you will, but it has been to many, a tradition that dates back to their fathers, grandfathers, and even before them. Some of our grandparents even depended upon it for their source of food.

As time progressed, we have found enjoyment in hunting and continued to do it.So what makes hunting so enjoyable? Could it be that our ancestors were happy they were providing for their families while hunting and it passed through our bloodline? Or is it that we need some kind of reassurance that we're still at the top of the food chain no matter what. Whatever it is, only a hunter knows.Now, weather your hunting birds, big game, or simply pesky coyotes on your farm land, every hunter understands the risk involved and even though takes proper precautions to be extremely safe, accidents happen. This proves to be true in the most recent accident we have seen lately in the news when our Vice President shot his friend, and fellow hunter, while on a quail hunt in Texas. So the truth is out everyone, we all know now! Vice President Cheney is human!.

We hold our elected officials on a high level and sometimes act as if they are some sort of robot that can make no mistake and must please everyone. However, they are humans just like you and I, and put their pants on just like we do in the morning. Without a doubt, there is some sort of negligence on a hunter's part when an accident occurs. But only a hunter knows what its like when your out on the hunt with your buddies, walking a field and a cubby of quail jumps up! You shoot, your fellow hunters shoot and the escaping quail fly away. You quickly run to get your game before they hit the ground and take off running.

Some of you go to the right where you shot yours and some to the left. Sometimes there's that one quail that did not jump with the rest of the cubby. Do you shoot? Where are your friends? The fact of the matter is that it falls in the quick reaction and judgement of the hunter. We take classes, we know the rules, and we know the risk.Unfortunately, accidents happen a lot more than what we hear about on the news.

So why are the masses not throwing up their arms in an outrage over the many other hunting accidents happening? Let's face it, Vice President Cheney is human, along with our other elected officials. Their going to fall victim to various things such as hunting accidents, encounters with interns, and urges to lie about encounters with interns. We must understand that they are just like you and I and need to treated like that.

Should Vice President Cheney have pulled the trigger that day? I think the answer is most likely no, but until you have been in the situation, and you have made that right decision while on the hunt, only a hunter knows.

.Thomas Fite is a fellow hunter and a US Marine. For a great site regarding hunting, go to http://www.greatdeerhunting.

com where you can find extensive links, articles and information about hunting products and services.

By: Thomas Fite


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