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Skateboard Decks

The deck is an important component of a skateboard. Simply put, the deck is a piece of wood or a wooden board the rider stands on. A skateboard comprises four wheels attached to two axles. The axles are known as trucks, and are mounted to the bottom of a wooden board called a deck.

Usually, the decks are about 79 cm long and 20 cm wide. They are made of seven layers of Canadian maple veneer, which are pressed and glued together.Skateboard makers alternate the direction of the wood grain of each layer so that the deck does not split along the natural grain lines of the wood.

Metallic decks or decks made of composite materials are rather rare. For downhill riding and street riding you should use longer skateboards, while the shorter ones are more suitable for tricks and maneuvers.A main feature of a deck is that it rises at both ends. The one in the front is called the nose, while the rear one known as the tail. To perform tricks and stunts, skateboarders use the leverage from the kicked ends. The deck usually has abrasive grip tape on top, providing traction that prevents the rider from slipping off.

For a rider, it is very important that he gets the right deck size while choosing the board. It should neither be too small nor too big. In case the deck is too small, you will find it tough to maintain balance, as your feet and heels will hang over the edge. Again, if it is too big, you will face difficulties in turning and lifting off the ground while trying tricks.

If the deck is more concave, the skateboarder can display his/her tricks more aggressively.There are many patterns and designs you can get on your deck. So choose a deck you find beautiful, and if you want to give it a personal touch add some stickers on it.

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By: Thomas Morva


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