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Snorkeling Fins

Fins are an important part of snorkeling gear. With their flat wide surface they allow the snorkeler to easily navigate under water. The larger the fins, the more force they provide in the forward direction; but larger fins are also heavier and may impede motion. Medium-sized fins are reportedly best.Snorkel fins are available in heel-strap and full-foot styles.

Heel-strap fins are strapped on the heels of the snorkeler. The strap should be of a good quality to prevent a break and the loss of a fin while snorkeling. Heel-strap fins, because they're adjustable, are preferred for children and they do require footwear be worn under the fin.

Full-foot fins have built in heels and are worn like shoes, so they're less clumsy and more comfortable.Since fins worn directly on the feet may cause blisters, a novice may want to wear socks. Fins should be checked for rips or tears before entering the water?duct tape and a few stitches are good for a quick repair. While buying fins, it is important to check that they are lightweight, so that they don't obstruct movement.

Fins are available in various designs, size and color of the blade, which is the flat part of the fin. The blade is made of a flexible polyurethane material. Prices vary according to design and durability.

Designer fins with colorful patterns are also available for the fashion-conscious snorkeler.The necessity of fins is debatable. Most experienced snorkelers feel that fins are unnecessary and actually an impediment. But some believe that fins provide the necessary thrust required for good swimming.


Snorkeling provides detailed information about snorkeling, snorkeling fins and more. Snorkeling is affiliated with Dirt Bike Parts.

By: Max Bellamy


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